ccbc-logoCCBC (Czech Coalition for Biodiversity Conservation) is a Czech coalition of various NGOs and projects working in biodiversity hotspots. United Vision is one of CCBC´s founding members CCBC.




myelen-logomyELEN.com (my Electronic Loan Exchange Network) is a Czech portal focusing on financing microfinance, cooperative and development projects in developing countries. myELEN.com presence in the Mexican countryside helped us to select suitable partner communities for teaching English.



Divočina is a community garden and ecological experience center near Kutná Hora. Pre-departure trainings for volunteers going to developing countries takes place in Divočina.





caritas-logoCARITAS (College of Social Work Olomouc) draws on the biblical clause “Deus caritas est” (the God is love). By the spirit of that clause the College moulds the personalities of its students into theory equipped and practically skilled social and humanitarian workers. In 2014 the first student from CARITAS carried out her practical training in Mexico in our partner community in Calakmul.





  • Filip Šena and Linda Neumayerová for the hard work at the start of the organization.
  • Graphic artist Jiří Dvořák for helping with the logo design.
  • Director Michal Gálik for the creation of promo video from our partner community in Yucatán.
  • Jakub Urbanec, Radka Myšková, Zuzka Nováková, Róza Velková and Týna Poláková for a lot of amazing photos from Mexico.


United Vision