United Vision is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 based in Prague, Czech republic focusing on rural development, education, nature conservation and volunteering in the Czech Republic and abroad. It is based in Prague and has long been cooperating with the cocenter Divočina in Malešov.

Our organization focuses on youth mobility in the field of environmental and language education and also promotes national and international volunteering activities . Our aim is to promote sustainable development and international cooperation through education. We focus on environmental themes, language teaching, ecological awareness, intercultural education and solidarity between people from all around the world.

We mainly focus on the work with children and young people from local community both in Czech republic and within EU countries and our partner organizations outside EU. Our aim is to promote cooperation and ecological awareness through education both in center Divočina in Malešov and in the projects we participate with our partners. Through our activities we want to prevent the climate change our country and the whole planet faces through sustainable use of our resources.

That is why we organize workshops, workcamps and volunteering activities both in the center Divočina in Malešov and through volunteering projects in countries where we have our partner organizations.

All members of United Vision have their own unique long-term volunteering experience and want to help other people to experience the power of beeing a volunteer. All members of the organization work here also as volunteers. Our main goal is to spend time with people we like preparing activities that make sense for community and general public.

We build partnership in the field of volunteering and education with organizations in Europe, Latin America and Asia. United Vision is also a founding member of CCBC coalition.


  • In the years 2011 – 2017, we focused primarily on raising awareness of the situation in Latin America and sending volunteers to rural areas of Mexico to teach English in a highly effective way. Volunteers taught English in partner communities across Mexico, and had the opportunity to get to know their culture from a completely different perspective than an ordinary tourist. Every volunteer was trained before departure and was provided free accommodation and food for the work done by the partner community. The aim of the collaboration was to help local people to make use of the knowledge of English at local labour market or to start off their own business activities connected with ecotourism.
  • In 2016, we became an accredited sending organization of Erasmus + and the European Solidarity Corps.
  • In 2017, we launched official cooperation within Erasmus+ framework with the non-profit organization Keric (Slovakia), VSI (Ireland), KYSD (Cambodia), ICYE Honduras, Investigación y Desarrollo Alternativo U Yich Lu’um (Mexico), MTÜ VitaTiim ( Estonia) and CSDS (Vietnam) in the Community Development through English Teaching (CODET) project, which includes European Voluntary Service in non-European countries.
  • In 2018, we launched official cooperation within Erasmus+ framework with the non-profit organization AJP (Portugal), Dejavato (Indonesia), JRP (India), COM (Burma), VASE (Ecuador) and ICYE (Bolivia) and continued to work with Keric ( Slovakia) on the CODET II project, which includes European Voluntary Service in non-European countries.


Anna Poledňáková – Chairman and Coordinator for foreign volunteers

Anna graduated from the University of Economics of Prague where she majored in International Trade and Development Studies. During her studies, she spent one semester at the Universidad Torcuato di Tella in Buenos Aires and six months in Bolivia, working in microfinance. She also took part in non-profit activities committed to serving children on the streets in Bolivian La Paz.  Anna is  member of United Vision since 2012 and focuses mainly on foreign volunteer recruitment, communication with partner organizations and PR.

Lucie Sekničková – Vice-chairman and Coordinator for Czech volunteers

Lucie studied International Trade and Development Studies at the University of Economics, where she focused on Latin America and spent more than a year working as a volunteer and studying in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. For several years she has been working in the field of international trade with Latin America. In United Vision, she specializes in recruitment of Czech volunteers, strategic development and networking.

Helen Vodrážková – Trainer and Author of our teaching methodology

Helen is an English teacher and a promoter of sustainable life in practice. She is part of the project because she believes that motivated volunteers are delivering skills to Latin America that can change lives of local children and adults. In her opinion, volunteering also changes our western, individualistic thinking and teaches us to understand “cooperativism”, i.e. the concept of “pulling together” in order to make it better for everyone involved.


Do you have experience in online marketing that you would like to share? Do you like writing? Do you have any other idea how to get involved? Let us know what you would like to do or feel interested in to info@united-vision.org or check out the tips below to find out something you can help us with.

  • Would you like to write blog or manage our social media and regularly share some news from the area of volunteering, education and nature conservation? Every social network is different and requires independent care and we do not have time to do it. Are you an expert in SEO, web analytics or coding templates? We have a lot of ideas to improve the site that require code intervention and we do not dare to do it. In Google Analytics, we would appreciate help with setting up meaningful dashboards, verifying that we are correctly interpreting the data, and we have limits in SEO as well…     
  • We would also be grateful for proofreading of the text on our web and occasional help with translation.   


  • Tomáš Hes
  • Noé Mendoza Fuente
  • Jana Kalenská
  • Kateřina Pavelová
  • Lucie Lísková
  • Jarmila Beránková
  • Markéta Loman Vogelová
  • Jakub Urbanec
  • Eva Krutílková
  • Kristýna Poláková
  • Estela García Garamendi
  • Romana Marksová


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