United Vision primarily sends trained volunteers to Latin America (in the first stage to Mexico) to teach English using highly effective method. Volunteers teach up to 30 hours per week, for which they are provided  food and accommodation for free by the partner community. Classes are organized for both, adults and children. Our help is aimed at rural areas with some tourist potential. The intent is that local people could make use of the knowledge of English at labour market or they could start off their own business activities connected with (eco)tourism.

If poor people find employment in their rural communities, they will increase their chances of developing and maintaining traditional ways of life. Furthermore they will limit migration into big cities, which in most cases leads only to increased criminality and socially undesirable phenomena (prostitution, drug trafficking, etc.).

Each volunteer quickly becomes a “family member” in his rural location and has the opportunity to experience local culture from a completely different perspective than a regular tourist. By writing regular blog posts, he passes his unique experiences to the general public. The readers thus have the opportunity to monitor the development of the volunteer mission almost live.

In the next stage other complementary projects such as microfinance, fair-trade, e-shop with local products, help with promotion and development of (eco)touristic activities are planned to be implemented.

United Vision strives to offer the most complex assistance possible to the whole community in a certain area, provide and spread enlightenment about the situation in developing countries and promote volunteering.


Anna Poledňáková – Chairman and Coordinator for foreign volunteers

Anna graduated from the University of Economics of Prague where she majored in International Trade and Development Studies. During her studies, she spent one semester at the Universidad Torcuato di Tella in Buenos Aires and six months in Bolivia, working in microfinance. She also took part in non-profit activities committed to serving children on the streets in Bolivian La Paz.  Anna is  member of United Vision since 2012 and focuses mainly on foreign volunteer recruitment, communication with partner organizations and PR.


Lucie Sekničková – Vice-chairman and Coordinator for Czech volunteers

Lucie studied International Trade and Development Studies at the University of Economics, where she focused on Latin America and spent more than a year working as a volunteer and studying in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. For several years she has been working in the field of international trade with Latin America. In United Vision, she specializes in recruitment of Czech volunteers, strategic development and networking.



Lucie Lísková – PR Coordinator

Lucie graduated in Pantomime and Foreign languages. She became a member of United Vision in 2013, when she went as a volunteer to teach English to Coatepec (Veracruz). Mexico became her passion, especially dance, historical rituals and exotic landscape. In 2014 and 2015 she went to work for one Mexican NGO to Córdoba, where she led the pantomime and juggling workshops for kids, street performers and clowns. Lucie is active in theatre and translation industry, writes blogs, travels and on behalf of United Vision organizes public meetings for people who want to speak Spanish in Prague.


Noé Mendoza Fuente – Field Coordinator in Mexico

Noé is a social entrepreneur based in Calakmul, Campeche.  He is in charge of implementing a regional strategy for integrating value chains that derive from local forest-management financed by Consejo Civil Mexicano para la Silvicultura Sostenible. His career has focused on assessing rural cooperatives’ integration to market economy through particitipative methodologies. Noé obtained bachelor’s degree in Marketing in Tec de Monterrey in Mexico City and Master Science in Natural Resources Management in El Colegio de la Frontera Sur in Campeche, México.


Helen Vodrážková – Trainer and Author of our teaching methodology

Helen is an English teacher and a promoter of sustainable life in practice. She is part of the project because she believes that motivated volunteers are delivering skills to Latin America that can change lives of local children and adults. In her opinion, volunteering also changes our western, individualistic thinking and teaches us to understand “cooperativism”, i.e. the concept of “pulling together” in order to make it better for everyone involved.



  • Tomáš Hes
  • Markéta Loman Vogelová
  • Estela García Garamendi
  • Barbora Kostková
  • Jakub Urbanec
  • Eva Krutílková
  • Kristýna Poláková
  • Romana Marksová
  • Jana Kalenská
  • Jarmila Beránková
  • Kateřina Pavelová


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