Volunteer with us!

Volunteer with us!

We are looking for volunteers to Mexico from January 2018. For more information, please visit the Become volunteer section and send us your CV in English and short Motivation (Cover) letter in Spanish to info@united-vision.org.

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Waxing and Waning in Calakmul

17 April, 2017Posted In : Blogourvolunteers

Waxing and waning in Calakmul: Los días aquí fluctúan de llenos y fascinantes a bastante lentos. READ MORE


Gracias, Germina. Adiós, Xpujil.

27 March, 2017Posted In : Blogourvolunteers

Seminario popular "¿Por qué somos pobres si somos ricos?", otro evento dónde nos sorprendió el i READ MORE

Beauty in random moments. (View from local bar in Xpujil)

First Impressions

01 March, 2017Posted In : Blogourvolunteers

I've been in Xpujil, Campeche for two weeks now. Xpujil is a pop-up town that seemed to form mostly READ MORE

  • What our volunteers say

    The possibility to teach English in small villages of Yucatan was a perfect opportunity how to put together what is helpful and interesting. The stay in the different environment enriched me with a new dimension. It moved me personally as well as professionally.

  • What our volunteers say

    I have always wanted to do something good and useful. Maybe it is because of all the books I have read or all the things my dad tough me or all those things which I had the privilege to have. I don’t know. But right now, it is my time to pay it forward.

  • What our volunteers say

    Since I was little I’ve participated in mission trips and was involved in community service and always knew I wanted to continue growing and helping other people in which ever way I could.