Join our team in Czechia (Currently Ongoing)

12 June, 2017
Dobrovolnictví United Vision

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Are you interested in volunteering, education or nature conservation? Do you want to meet people with similar interests? Contact us at


Do you have experience in online marketing that you would like to share? Do you like writing? Do you have any other idea how to get involved? Let us know what you would like to do or feel interested in to or check out the tips below to find out something you can help us with.

  • Would you like to write blog or manage our social media and regularly share some news from the area of volunteering, education and nature conservation? Every social network is different and requires independent care and we do not have time to do it. Are you an expert in SEO, web analytics or coding templates? We have a lot of ideas to improve the site that require code intervention and we do not dare to do it. In Google Analytics, we would appreciate help with setting up meaningful dashboards, verifying that we are correctly interpreting the data, and we have limits in SEO as well…     
  • We would also be grateful for proofreading of the text on our web and occasional help with translation.   


 United Vision